No camping this weekend

Rather dissapawnted that we didn’t get to go away this weekend ūüė¶

Its all Dad’s fault and according to Mum Dad was too busy on his widow maker,¬†I’m not entirely sure what that is but it involved Dad wearing rather tight lycra, a swimming hat, bright orange trainers and silly glasses.

Mum said its called triathlon, whatever it is Dad didn’t look too good this morning and had a wonkly walk!

Good news is we are off camping on Friday..BOL


First outing


I knew something was apaw…. there was movement and lots of going in and out of the door to freedom.

Clearly no one was about to tell me what was going on so I did what any boxer dog would do, I bounced and bounced and bounced. I followed Mum up the stairs, down the stairs, in the living room, in the kitchen, up the stairs, down the stairs and despite being told I was a flipping nuisance, liability and my hips would fall apart I just continued…

My fuggly little Sister who isn’t quiet as enthusiastic when it comes to travelling just scowled¬†at me as she prefers to stay at home and terrorise the cat or¬†hump Dads leg when he is¬†exercising

I eventually gave up on Mum and started on Dad who decided in his wisdom to take me for a walk…I just bounced all the way.

By 10.00pm Mum gave up and said she was off to bed and that boxer dogs are for the mentally unhinged, whatever that means my Mum must belong to that group!



Mum, me and the fuggly one are all loaded by Dad into well Ive not been in one of these before…its a bed on wheels, that should suit Mavis. Mum said it was Dads other woman and named it Myrtle.

So off we set in Myrtle Dads other woman, the bed on wheels.

We have arrived but wait, Dad has a contraption for us to get out…its called a pet ramp.

After much toing and froing..I put one paw on one paw off, on, off, on, off and eventually Dad sat at the bottom with cheese…yay nothing for it but to charge him, so I did and Dad ended up flat on his back but I got my cheese.

Mavis wasn’t having any of it so Dad just picked her up and carried her out, she is rather lazy.

We were both attached to a spike with long leads while Mum said she needed a cup of tea, not sure why she didn’t actually have to do anything apart from sit in Myrtle Dads other woman the bed on wheels.

I’m not sure this spike thing is a good idea, Mum spend most of the weekend untangling me from Mavis and I spent most of the time trying to ‘do one’ when I saw new people.

There was lots to see and do, Dad took me for a long walk and thank the¬†God of Dogs,¬†my favourite snack was in abundance…the truffles of the dog world…HORSE POO. Dad has a new game called watch me, every time he says those words I have to stand and look at him, in return I get a treat.

Sorry Dad but those treats are no match for horse poo


Apparently we are going home today…..

A man called Colin came to talk to Mum about tents. I’m not sure mum was as excited as he was about the conversation so much so she brought Mavis out who doesn’t like men with upside down heads, Mums name for men with beards and a bald head. Mavis on cue growled at him and Colin promptly shot back to his tent. Mavis and I were both rewarded with cheese.

I got one last final  scoff at the horse poo much to Dads annoyance, Mum got the wet wipes out, I hate those but it was worth it.

As we were leaving Colin peered out of his tent and waved us goodbye, that was nice of him

We are home now, I am thoroughly exhausted and full, Mavis is still grumpy, Mum apparently is traumatised and Dad is planning our next adventure

Watch this space!

Frank the boxer here, yes I know you are sitting there thinking dogs cant type, really who say’s they cant?

Dad’s bought a motorhome and Mum’s having a hissy fit, meanwhile Mavis is hiding behind a cushion at the thought of¬†having to go out of¬†the front door!

In less than 48 hours we will all be shoehorned in and on our travels, pop back to find out how our first adventure or as Mum put it worst nightmare went

This should be fun, wish us luck